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: Joshua_Tree
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: 16..2010  17:47

Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words.
― William Faulkner, Mosquitoes

: Blue Scarlet
: 24..2010  15:10

Blinking lights and a glass of red wine,

My room swallowed by the silence,

Hundreds of voices crushing on the other side of the wall,

But none of them go thru him

Sitting in the corner of my bed , eyes shut, and a little smile .

Empty spot in my mind, just to feel not to think,

Gentle fingers playing with my hear on the back of my neck

Rush of lust, going up and down on my torso

Cold breeze fighting the fire ,

Enjoy your battle

So simple, but yet so mystique .

Womans skin  ,

Womans soul,

Womans mind,

Full of colors, Full of sounds,

Natures master piece .

Standing on the gate of entrance to this world

Playing the symphony of life ,

Welcome and Enjoy,

Youre just passing try .              

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 25..2010  16:51

Dance of the wolves


New beginnings, old school,

Learning the dance of life, simple steps, miraculous music

Loosen up your  fear  . You are the chosen one .

Fell the pulse on your neck

Let it go dont hesitate. Not a minute, not a second

Theres no time , theres no space

Listen and feel  , the dance of the wolves

Circling around filled with thirst . Dont be scare Dont run away

Just close your eyes and feel the pain

Die to be reborn ,

What does not kill you, will make you strong ,

Its not your body

Its not your blood,

The soul seekers howling for souls .

They will stop by , but will not stay

Following the wind, waiting for the moon .

Warriors of nature will make you kneel  

Remember the eyes , look at them close

You will search them day and night

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 29..2010  14:18

Sitting under a tree, smoking a cigarette .

Looking at the smoke rising above,

Infinity of time, unlimited space

Me, My eyes, My thoughts and My hart

Oh glorious day, Sunshine  through the branches

Opened up a meadow full of colors and full of sounds,

Maestro please start ,

The music of feelings, divine raindrops

Barefoot dance,  circle in the light ,

Looking at the rainbow, smiling at the cloud .

The rain mixed with sun, making love on day light

Natures miracle landing on my skin

Still barefoot dancing just feeling little rocks .

Naked and lucid, I listen to the sound ,

Music of feelings playing in my mind.    

So the day pass by and the night came through Fanfare and drums

The darkness land on my body , like a smooth cape  My nakedness hidden .

So I fell down on my knees, on a candle light waiting for a punishment , waiting for a prize ..

My head was bend down , my shoulders covered with my hair ,

Black as the night, long as a day .

I heard the lash, striking in the silence, my back started to bleed 

And the rain kept falling, washing out my blood

But the mark was still there laying on the earth

The blood scars from the lash opened up and crack .

Through my skin , rising from my blood .

Ecstasy of pain, blood tears from my eyes,

My hart in sweet agony , Chaos in my mind .    

Reborn with black wings joining back the flock

Unique and wild . Caring  a sign .

Marked and alone Living a new life .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 04..2010  20:54

Red Sunday


Suspicious mind, delusional state .

Darkness and fog, sunshine and rain..

Your lips on my neck

I feel your breath, just like ice cold breeze

Your body next to mine, your chest going up and down

Where is your heartbeat?  .

Why cant I feel it? .

Why cant I hear it?

Is in it there? Beating for me . Beating for life .

Cold blood running through your veins Ice cubes instead of a hart

Red but cold . Same, but different

Here and there,

There is no night but yet there is no day..         

My creation, my illusion . So real . So mine

I dont want you, live now

Then I need you please come back

I dont love you, but I miss you

You are mine . Slave and master Love and Pain .

Who am I? What am I?

Playing games with myself

Red dress and ruby lips

Red Sunday with snapshots in my head.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 06..2010  22:02



Smile, while you wait for me .

Erase that ironic look of your face .

Clear the path to your mind .

Im here and I want to stay ..


Spread your arms, like a sea gal ..

Rise your eyes up in the sky .

Listen to your heartbeat

Im here to lift you up .


Open your lips breathe in the air

Line your head back to me .

Feel my skin . Sense my smell

Im here to love and care  .


Embrace the night, like a pillow under your head ..

Cover your body with a dark cape ..

Feel the pulse on your neck .

Im here to kiss you back

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: 06..2010  22:44
Originally posted by Blue Scarlet Blue Scarlet :



Smile, while you wait for me .

Erase that ironic look of your face .

Clear the path to your mind .

Im here and I want to stay ..


Spread your arms, like a sea gal ..

Rise your eyes up in the sky .

Listen to your heartbeat

Im here to lift you up .


Open your lips breathe in the air

Line your head back to me .

Feel my skin . Sense my smell

Im here to love and care  .


Embrace the night, like a pillow under your head ..

Cover your body with a dark cape ..

Feel the pulse on your neck .

Im here to kiss you back

.............. %20

http://www.onlineyufilm.com/musicvideo.php?vid=42859a7cd" rel="nofollow - , ȣ

: Blue Scarlet
: 07..2010  17:55



Lets play a game

Take my hand, palm to palm .

Fingers crossed yours in to mine .

Lets take a walk, through the woods

You and me, without our armor, without our shells

Pure nature, pure sense, pure emotions ..

Can you just feel, without looking at the high trees ?

Can you just walk, without looking at the earth ?

Can you just kiss me, without closing your eyes ..?

Walk with me, on my journey,

Through my path of my feelings

Here with you .

With eyes closed

Lips sealed with kiss

Hand in hand

Heart to heart

Your breathe is mine .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 09..2010  16:02

Untouchable soul


Open up your eyes its a sunny day

Breathe in the heat, breathe out the pain

Look at me painting, with an apple in my mouth .

My fingers covered with paint arrogance on my face ..

Im painting my soul

My colors

My shadows .

My light

My skin is my fabric My heart is my brush .

Sit back and enjoy The unique sight

Naked shade of art...

Fire on the lips .  Howling for a kiss,

Silky skin longing for touch

Human lust with divine huger, asking more never too much .

Untouchable soul .  Painted just for you

There is a space between heaven and earth

You will make love with the sacred .

Untouchable soul .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 11..2010  18:27

The Path


Howling on a full moon .

Deep dark forest insight me, but not alone

You are by my side ..

Why do you seek my eyes?

What do you want to see?

Why do you ask for words?

What do you need to hear?

Silence in the night so full so loud .

Screams of a soul Song of a heart ..

 The Feelings Barefoot dance pure, naked and proud.

The Denial . Standing on a stake, fire with fire . Lust with desire

The Acceptance . Put me on my knees . North wind on my spine thirst and red wine .

The Confession Took my breath Exchange of two hearts .

Sacred Love . Belonging .

Im yours and you are mine

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 12..2010  19:50

Two in one

Angel and Diablo . Turned into one .

Heaven and Inferno Side by side .

A kiss so pure, so holly . A change of breath for breath .

Two souls mixed, combined, to take another shape ..

Body next to body an overflow of lust .

Skin so soft and silky . Sliding underneath your touch .

Whispers in the night .  Sparkles in my eyes .

Can you see the fire? Can you rich the sky?

Take me in your hands I will put my head on your right shoulder

To find my peace and finally to rest .  

Calm sea in front of me, I can lay up the sails.... lower the anchor .

Long nights with stars, music and guitars ..

So kiss me now a stamp of love for a long life .

As long as you love me and so do I .  

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 14..2010  21:54

The Cliff

One step more. Last one in a row .

I can now reach the heights . Not to fall .

I spread my hands like wings my eyes remain shut

The fear is gone I can open them now wide

I can reach the sky . I can feel the wind

Hush my dear listen to my heart ..

Im alive . Finally beginning to live .

Still I can feel your hands . Reaching out for me

Holding me tight . Like it was meant to be ..

Look at the fortune path look how clear it was .

Theres no sign of pain no sign of fog .

Sunny day for a walk in the park and you next to me .

So I look at the cliff again just to say good bye

My fear is gone and I have reached the sky .

Hold me in your arms . When I kiss you just kiss me back .

You finally found your home right here in my heart .

I have made my oath to the earth, the sky, the stars

Ill be yours forever My love . My dear . My life

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 18..2010  21:19


Long night, even longer day

To take a bow for my master and finally to obey .

Seek, search and destroy principles of my brain .

Nothing else beautiful and sacred as my pain                          

Seek for the causes stop the make - belief .

Wishes exist to kneel us for some being a slave is a relief

Search for a leader the revolution of your soul .

Find where youre standing . In the crowd or by your own

I accepted a given hand it felted nice to feel again

To love and be loved is just a wish of a heartless beings

So this is me standing on my own

Looking at a mirror without reflection, without a shade .

I was born to be a warrior, all alone in every battle

Please release my hand and dont talk about love

To someone like me, wonderer with no home

So thank you my friend for facing me with my worst fear

I dont know Love, does not she knows me

I said Goodbye to my heart and left with my soul .

Heartless on my path to conquer the world .


Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 22..2010  20:11

Black Butterfly


Thousand kisses traveling through the night .

Dance of the black butterflies .

Released from the deep beauty unknown .

Performance just for you before they return back home  

Silence in the night like music so divine .

A calm sea on the horizon kissing the sky

There you can find my soul lying in your hands

Making love with you is making love with her self

Clear, Pure and Yours

Sliding under you fingers like a satin sheet...

Glorious sight unspeakable speech .

When you are here I have no body, I have no mind .

Just another story to write

 In every other black night in silence

Same scene and same performance act

On the shore of a calm sea, there will be a lady

On her left shoulder a Black butterfly tattoo,

Marked to be recognized that she belongs to you ..

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 26..2010  18:57



Back again on my highway,

My fingers are sliding again

Speeding fury goddess of my pain

Blinking lights just passing me trough .

None of them colorful nether so bright,

 My eyes on the road and nothing else in sight .

The messenger of the night is here

Twilight is clearing my path

Unstoppable desire burning on my lips

Rips of my skin, my mind in eclipse

Total darkness pushed me on a side

Unstoppable wish for soul mate in my ride

Another hitchhiker, traveler of the world,

Pearl seeker collecting his pearls

Wise story teller once told me:

Praise the life with battles for glory .

He took my hand, stand by my side

From here to eternity for unstoppable ride

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 07..2010  12:21

Step by step


Spinning trees and arms wide spread,

Thousands of words, thoughtsnever herd, never said .

A Childish play so naive, joyful and pure .

Spinning in circles, no fear of falling. So safe, so sure .

Returning my soul back in one piece on the day of her release.

In every step I made a mark in the green grass

Bloody foot prince like walking barefoot on sharp glass .

Remembering the pain that lead me through like a hand .

My final destination, braking the chains and free stand

 One step more, so near and yet so far

Every day new celebration like reminder of each and every scar ..

A dream or just a wish . To end the journey complete .

At the end of the woods there is a one way street

To arrive there holding faith, glory and love in my heart beat .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 08..2010  16:21



Digging through the dust breath by breath to survive.

Screaming voices of the past, shadows buried alive .

I closed my eyes for a moment or two .

Sky open wide so beautiful, clear and blue .

Remember the kiss I said to myself

The touch of the lips, ray of sunshine, you  

Spread of the silence so peaceful yet so loud

My reflection in your eyes vividly proud .

Away on your path, shadows be gone

Im standing by myself, the best I know, all alone

New day rising on the horizon, bloody birth of dawn

New painting push aside waiting to be drawn

Look at the sand watch cant stop the time

To be loved not to love is my worst crime

So I lift the curtains of my past ..

The days when I knew how to love, how to last

Still seeking the love, like a beggar from door to door

Im so rich and so proud yet so empty, so poor

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 14..2010  09:33

Black Fold


Black fold on my eyes when the night spreads her wings .

Light feathered touch on my white silky skin .

Vibrating body under your fingers like a guitar strings

Battle of desire and lust Sweet surrender yet a win .

Silence ripped apart with deep sights  

Wet kisses and skin marks of unpainful bites

Dance of passion your body next to mine

In the corner of the room one candle and a glass of red wine

Burning inside out I tried to reach for you

Empty hands filled with darkness

Me and my desire again alone nothing new

Where do we stand, my dear?

When I open my eyes you just disappear ..

Another dream made me a slave

Under a tide of feelings Im not so brave

I took my black fold on the dawn first break

The dream is over its time to awake

I will wait another night with my black fold on .

The desire, the lust will never be gone

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 17..2010  16:47

One way


Smoke circles in the silence room...

Eyes closed and a sense of his perfume

So deep inside me, like a knife in fresh meat

Bleeding wound and dying heart beat

Can you make me feel alive again?

In your arms I release all my pain

Make me forget, make me deny

Lift me up show me the sky .

Run your fingers through my hair

Find my lips I have a breath to share

Its just a moment, my dear.

When I get everything and lose my fear .

In your arms, I might find and lose myself

But its worth it every step of the way .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: anakin
: 19..2010  18:31
ovo moe e kako trotoar
vodi samo do trevnjakot
znam deka samo do tamu go postavile i tolku
se znam
no coveCki e da mislis koga
go gledas taka prav usmeren prema trevnjakot
deka mozebi prodolzuva
zarasnat od trevata za mene neprimetliv
znam deka samo do tuka e
ama neli nadez sekogas postoi
deka moze da se napravi eden cekor povekje
sakam da ne zavrsuva
znam deka lazat
toa e samo pusta zelba na covekot

SILATA NEKA E SO VAS a ako ne vi treba, neka, i taka ne e nekoj trosok, ja ima nasekade okolu nas.

: anakin
: 19..2010  18:37
MI RECE- so me gledas taka
se mislam
ene za baknezot
koj baknez bre
kakoV li e?
majmun si
kakov li e?
ne znam, kazi
najsladok na svet, no nikogas nema da doznaes
okej mori, aj togas bakni mi go kafeto, kelnerot ne donese sekjer
idiot si

SILATA NEKA E SO VAS a ako ne vi treba, neka, i taka ne e nekoj trosok, ja ima nasekade okolu nas.

: Blue Scarlet
: 21..2010  14:38

Endless games


Ice cold drops crushing on my skin .

Glacial spurt like lash releasing me of the sin

Burning body longing for a touch

Desire overflow so deceitful

Never enough, never too much

Battle of lust and clear mind state

Like two soldiers brave and great

Why do I feel so powerless in your hands?

Like a puppet following your demands .

Standing in front of you

Waiting to obey, like punishment or a prize

Is in it all the same?

Four walls surround me like a bird in a cage

I was always yours

The prime actress on your stage .

Every night performance, a one men show .

Waiting for the love of my life, like dyeing painful and slow

One more night pass by in flames

Time to rest the body, regain my strength .

New performance is waiting like endless games...

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 22..2010  18:23

Just dont


Dont ever call me yours .  

Im the only soldier in my battles and wars .

The knight in shining armor belongs in a story .

Only there you can change disgrace for glory

Dont ever tell me that youll be there

To reach for your hand when Im scared

Deep in the night when I hear a scream .

Ill open my eyes wide because its only a dream

Dont ever dare to feel my pain .

Its selfishly mine and like such it will remain .

From these wounds Im bleeding every day .

I know that Im alive only in that way

Dont trade your love for a piece of my soul .

You will live an empty spot in there, like a black hole

Thorn apart and assembled again

Piece by piece through sunshine and rain

Im here and you are there

Thats the only way youll have me .

Life is beautiful but so unfair

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: anakin
: 22..2010  19:52









SILATA NEKA E SO VAS a ako ne vi treba, neka, i taka ne e nekoj trosok, ja ima nasekade okolu nas.

: Blue Scarlet
: 24..2010  12:19



I let my hair down again,

Small bite on the lips without any pain

On the first ray of dusk, when the night steps in .

My journey in your hands is about to begin ..

Sense of my body covered with desire, covered with lust ..

My soul in your hands, the only ones that I thrust .

The touch of your fingers brought me back from the dead

Ice cold coffin changed with warm, soft bed .

Unchained passions hold back in years .

Released the smile, brought back the tears .

Pure emotions like divine colors, fireworks in the night

Your arms around me gentle but holding me tight .

Make me yours by my own demand

Slave of your love, your wish is my command .

I know how to carry the mark of the beast

Proudly, Passionate, Profound .

Till the sun appears on the east .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 24..2010  20:38



Expectations, slaves of desire .

Longing for pleasure, asking for more

Human nature just a need to worship and adore

Tasty meals of stars on silver plate

Offered as a glass pearls, fake but seductive bait

Blind as they can be ..

No miracles, no science can make them see

Dont reach out for the moon, do not ask for stars .

Learn your own way to heaven by remembering your scars

Is that easy as it can be

Teach yourself the best you can and set your soul free .

Yellow light surround my body like flame

Im what you are . We are the same .

My breath holds my power, holds my straight   .

Take it, it belongs to you, I gave it away

The first time I kiss you, that very same day .

A life through expectations .

Nothing simple, just complications .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 25..2010  20:35

Another story


The South wind again is calling my name .

Whispers in the night like sparkles in a flame

My body pulsing in a crazy rhythm, fast and loud

Im the chosen one and that makes me proud .

None like the others just touched and left behind

One, unique, alone . Just one of a kind ..

Daughter of the night with hidden darkness in my eyes

From where the sun sets in, my moon rise   

I put my evening gown and my high hills on .

The crown is all mine from dusk till dawn

Just like another Cinderella story, fairytale covered in black   

Giving away everything yet nothing there to take

You wrote your story on my body, locked it in my mind

No one else can read that . Nothing there to find .

My feelings dance underneath you .

We are whole as one . Never divided in two .  

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: pagane
: 28..2010  22:33
Jsi nejlepší a nejušlechtilejší člověk na této planetě

: Blue Scarlet
: 29..2010  15:08

Pustinjsko sunce


Jednom svoja, nikad vise nicija,

I kad ruke svoje pruzam pruzam ih sama sebi

Nudim sve sto imam, a ipak malo dajem tebi

Sebicna u svojoj zudnji , strast pretvaram u silu

Usne pruzam i telo savijam da bi tebi bilo blizu

Vreli dah kako juzni vetar izmegju dve stene,

Rusi i slama volju kao pescani zamak

Zedna kao na pustinjskom suncu

Usne tvoje trazim da povratim dah .

Gde si ti kad te trazim u vrelim nocima bez sna?

Kada svoju kosu raspustim i rascesljam da bi se njom igrao

Uzdisem i izdisem strast svoju kao ustojali vazduh u sobi

Ko bi bio MOJE sve, ako ne ti?

Golim rukama srce moje drzao kao kap rose

Jednom kad se ispusti nema je, vise ne postoji

Postoji telo i dusa  ponosni u svojoj goloci

Da nemirno prkosi zudnji i bori se snjom

A tebi Tebi dajem snove na dar .

Kao fatamorganu na vrelom pustinjskom suncu

Dok ne nagjes kap vode da povratis dah ....

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 30..2010  15:34




Rasuta kosa po jastuku nosi miris noci

Kako oterati snove? Kako otvoriti oci?

Opusteno telo, mirno pamti  trzaj u mraku

Otsjaj bele koze, nagost negova na jutarnjom zraku

Razbacane zelje svud po sobi  leze

I nemok moja, strast moja, koja mi ruke veze

Blagi osmeh na licu uz tih saptaj i rec  - Hvala

Uvjek mi dajdes vise no sto sam tebi ja dala

Zazelis li nekad, otkinucu parce sebe

Da budem ono sto jesam i sve zbog tebe .


Oblaci teski kriju sunce, a ja nemogu podici glavu

Ostavite me uspavanu, tamo u snovima imam ljubav pravu ..

Zagorele usne, . ispucane , . grube ..

Htele su sinoc tvoj poljubac, da tebe ljube .

Sirom rasirene ruke i drhtaj moga tela

Tebe sam sinoc cekala . Tebe sam sinoc htela .

Davno sam ja pretvorila svaku noc u dan

Svoj na svojem i  jos jedan neisanjani san .

Idem dalje i odustati necu

Kad se snovi ispune dozivis pravu srecu .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 02..2010  17:59


Sanctuary hidden deep inside,

Waterfalls of tears, hidden pride,

Breathe taking paintings with a story to tell

Soul so shiny, so bright like a pearl in a shell

Take a bow my dear and open your eyes .

This soul is yours more like punishment then a prize ..

Your eyes are meant to see this beauty in pain

Do not search others, youll never see it again

Open your mouth wide to catch the drop of the rain

Bitter taste of poison in little doses will make you insane

My temple is built with bricks of scars

They dont allow me to see the sky nor the stars

Yet I obey to that godless temple of mine

Blood, hurt and sweat made it so divine

I let you in through the front big gate

Its a start is in it? Before its too late .

Selfishly hidden through the years passed by

Now you know without asking why .

There was a space in it just enough for two

Till yesterday there was just me and now there is you

The gate is closed and no one else can see

Im still the prisoner but you will stay free

Live when you think the time is right

I will stay forever to worship the night .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: laki_bu
: 08..2010  23:30
Ceko sam te dugo..moj cjeli zivot. I sad kad sam te naso....KASNO je. Boli me... Nemogu bez tebe...Hocu tebe... Nemogu bez tebe... Boli me kad te vidim sa drugim... Boli me kad znam da nisi sretna a nemozes ga nepustiti... Boli me sto te Volim i boli me sto ti mene Volis.... A znamo da necemo biti Nikad zajedno... NEDOSTAJES mi i NEDOSTAJEces mi moj zjeli zivot dok sam ZiV... VOli cu te do kraja mog zivota

, ....

: Blue Scarlet
: 14..2010  22:51



Who are you indecent one to enter my temple of silence?

Here my soul lays deep and high, pain and sorrow in perfect balance

Cover your eyes and hold your words in the shadows of the wall .

Kneel in your wish to steal the wigs and fly, benefits from my fall .

I will raise my head again with swallowed words in mu throat

What needs to be said and heard my soul just wrote

Bloody oath given to the stars at night to keep and hide

I was born again with the same pain and tears on the same night I died ..

Embraced by my mother like a little terrified child

Chains back on the wrists for a beast ferocious and wild .

Who will give me freedom I dare you to tell?

Who will give away heaven and willingly chose hell?

Dont seek the answers for strangers questions, not yours

There are no keys, there is no way to open handmade doors

Time will pass like a traveler wind with his lash ..

On the road trough desert with burned scars and ash ..

I will have my life in silence with no words or music to dance .

Chosen wise with the priorities and another final chance . 

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 19..2010  19:35

Silver penny


Whirlpools of souls, lost on their way .

Deep black water with shadows in gray .

Suffering dead spinning around in timeless space  

Once they had a body, once they had a face .

Lost like always but now awaken, now aware .

Forgotten and despised left in the river of despair ..

Why are they lost on the way to heaven for souls?

Why instead of sunshine they got black holes?

Silver penny for the trip on the rocking boat ..

Youll have to hold on tight if you dont want to float

That is the cost of one un live human soul .

Just one silver penny and youll reach your goal

Dont forget to hold on to that coin .

The others are waiting for someone new to join

Your soul is yours if you pay the price

You better think twice when you throw the dice .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: pagane
: 19..2010  21:55
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: Blue Scarlet
: 02..2010  23:07

Four Seasons

Dancing on my finger toes,

Light as a feather

Four seasons in my soul,

Changed as the weather.

Young like the spring,

Gentle like a flower leafs

One rough touch and it will fall down,

Crushing all beliefs

Passionate like the summer,

Carrying all the heat in a flame

One special touch and it will go on fire,

With no fear, with no shame

Unpredictable like the autumn,

The mother of wind and rain .

One careful touch will push the clouds,

Uncovering naked pain

Merciless like the winter,

Freezing everything in sight

One careless touch will erase everything

Turning all in white

Dance away the feelings,

Release them all free

The only way to know

What do I carry in me


Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: kejt-d-grejt
: 03..2010  08:33
scarlet, carica si! 

' .

: Blue Scarlet
: 03..2010  23:55

White Lily

Rain drops in the water, black river stream

Each one clear like crystal, so perfect they seem .

Concentric circles on each drop yet quick they disappear,

Music like whisper, just listen carful if you wish to hear.    

I dont want to run away, I dont wish to hide

Breath taking beauty in front of me, opened so wide

White lily on the rain with diamonds spread around,

In search for something priceless, hidden to be found

Pure desire innocently bloomed, waiting for a touch

Enjoy the rare moment you won't see it much .

Rain drop on your lips, like message from a far .

Kiss so deep and wet, untrue and bizarre

Live the moment like its your last .

Everything else is future or buried in the past

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 04..2010  23:11

Bedtime story


The old clock on the wall stopped the time,

Another night begins with stories of love or crime

Im just a little girl again in your strong hands

With wide opened eyes and full of demands .

Innocently reaching in the dark like being blind

Waiting to be embraced but there is nothing to find

The empty spot on the bed beside me is cold

My mind is rewinding the stories once told

Full of hot passion and tender love to give away,

I begin my night with the expectations for the new day

The bedtime stories are again all mine .

Gentle music and just one glass of red wine

The perfect night always belongs to me

Im the storyteller, the princess or the hero to be

There is a spot that was always empty, blank .

Now is full filed and I got you to thank

Is it better to have a bedtime story for two?

Thats another page waiting to be written for me and you .   


Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 06..2010  13:20

"The ancients"

(pozdrav od Joshua_Tree)


Call for wilderness

Destructive thought for modern civilizations

Beliefs in the sun

Moon, stars and all those Gods

...that eager wants in wishful heart

Water not shall, and not will purify

Our filthy modern souls

Religion of mine is just a sign

Though not yet drawn on my forehead

...statement of one calm soul, as calm as that soul can be

Bending on my knees

On the altar of my saint

Future cannot be

As the moment now, youre about to see

..Past will be immature shadow of our self me

You stand still

Torch in youre right hand low, sword on the other up high

Tribal music

In the rhythm of sacrifice

Voices though, all along

...doesn't seem to make fear on the animals along

Sky is not allowed

For selfish ones

Earth nor less

...just to see its belonging place

Belong to another of the kind?

...what the f u c k!

Oh no, no, no

Do not fill yourself with dignity when you see little one though you are

...another little human to be seen

Do not wish, nor see or less to be

Another lost soul, as the one on those bending knees

Just feel the air

Between those tree leafs

...have joy in that you see now

Yet there the wind

Will take you on the top of that tree

...so you shall see what youre modern illusion means to me

Minor thoughts

Above you as disgrace

Takers we are

In wish to be first....and remember



Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: anakin
: 06..2010  13:27
pisuvam sega
i redam bukvi
za kako bi bilo
so sviena glava
pod crnoto krilo
zborovite gi redam
taka bi bilo
pisuvam sega

SILATA NEKA E SO VAS a ako ne vi treba, neka, i taka ne e nekoj trosok, ja ima nasekade okolu nas.

: Blue Scarlet
: 09..2010  01:16

Tear drops


Warm welcome to my tearsEven if they are icy cold,

Havent seen them in few years Doing the things that I was told .

Be brave, be strong . Dont let them out

Do not show your fear, you are not allowed

 Keep your head up with a big shiny smile .

Its a test for me, before the big trial .

So here they are silenced witness of my soul .

Uncovering my secret, hidden from them all

Tender heart in so much pain screams spread in the night

I dont wont to give away everything without a fight .

I thought I was dead, forgotten, buried long ago

Now I can feel again Im awake now I know .

Keep on going my crustal knifes make new scars on my face .

I will spread my arms wide . I surrender, here is my place

I will keep fighting with my bear hands and the tears on my side .

Even if I lose everything I own . Even and my pride .

The love doesnt have another chance in my life

Once stabbed heart forever keeps the knife .

Tear drops made a new pattern on my pretty face

Even if I wipe them out you will always see the trace  

Exchange of my life for a life of two

Thats a hell of a deal . Ugly but true

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 09..2010  23:36



 Dont look back my dear,

Keep walking slow not fast,

If you feel something near,

Its just a shadow from your past

Lend of fear spread in the night

Hiding in each dark corner

Dont run away searching for the light

Thats just a part of you, not a strange foreigner

Dont try to face it it will run away or hide

Always breathing behind your back

You know that its there, part of you outside

Beautiful and creepy covered in gray and black

The shadow is a part of you

Always standing by your side .

One whole person divided in two .

Why do you wish to hide?

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 14..2010  00:17



Why are you calling my name with soundless scream?

Just another flashback from an old dream

Why do you search for familiar face in an empty room?

A flower never grown up, never seen in bloom .

Dont reach up for me with the pain of empty hands,

Im no longer worthy to satisfy your demands   

Dont look in my darkness with sunlight in your eyes,

Im the lady of the night, dying when the sun rise .

 Dont offer me your lips full of passionate fire,

Im just a statue of ice, vanishing under desire .

Dont place out your body to protect my fragile space,

Im unreachable on the top on my tenderness and grace

My world is utopia but Im still the mother queen,

Well known evergreen on a wide screen .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 16..2010  00:08

White pearls


When a priceless necklace is torn down,

Hundreds of white pearls spared all around,

The only thing left is to give away the crown,

Standing still with both legs on a solid ground

I dont know how to let go, never learn that thing,

Im waiting for the wind to see what he can bring,

Holding on to a straw when the storm shows her rage,

Holding tight to the bars of my golden cage .

I dont fear the past, neither the next day,

I dont give a damn what other people would say,

I learned much from the life itself,

Every page, every book is stored on a different shelf .

The perfection of the pearls lies in the secret of the shell,

Hidden form the world, protected of the living hell,

So we seek for that beauty on the bottom of the deep blue,

To prove that we are worthy but thats not true .

Necklace of white pearls so perfect that it can be,

On my neck is showing the imperfect me,

Thats why the pearls are so fragile, so tender, so small,

We dont deserve them; we dont deserve them at all.  

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 16..2010  22:57

Misty Road


Why do you think that I lost my road?

Covered with mist but I can see the tablet of gold,

I didnt forget or lose my birthright code,

I know how to survive on the wind when its cold.

To many shadows surround my place,

I did lost my light but Ill never lose the trace

My eyes are shut tight for the humanly greed,

My wounds are opened again I let them bleed.

I have a world not with one sun but with two,

They will provide the light to pass this through.

 What is the price for a lost cause?

What is the reword for the actress other than applause?

I would rip my heart out for you, to make you see,

Whats in there so priceless for me

Forgive and forget, two things big as the sky

You know that dont you, without asking why .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 14..2010  00:32



Pokopaj svoje snove vezane u ledeno carstvo,

Potop od krvi prepuklog srca rusi izluzije zvezdama navezanih,

Ko si ti i ko sam ja u toj prici bez kraja,

Mnogo nas toga deli, mnogo vise nego sto nas spaja.

Sta ti to zoves imenom ljubavi, stvorenje neko tugje a ne tvoje,

Davno vezano sa plocicom imena da nikad ne zaboravi da nije svoje.

Koga to lazemo kad se divimo prasnjavoj slici u galeriji staroj,

Lepotu njenu zna samo njen tvorac i njegove ruke,

Slavu uvjek dobijaju mucenici ako pokazu svoje muke.

Kome vise treba zvuk aplauza u prepunoj sali,

I komedija i tragedija imaju nagradu istu,

Sta sve to vredi na epitafu uz nadgrobnu bistu.

Ljubav svoju ubila nisam, nosim je u srcu odavno,

Ostala je ista zalegjena da je ne promeni vreme,

Probudila se sada kada je sve postalo ravno.

Epitaf stavljam na grobu kraljice leda, bludnice i zene bez lika,

Dosta je bilo neprospanih noci, aplauza i vika.

Volim ga iako je postao prosjak i odrekao se trona,

Volim ga jer uvjek vise gubi nego sto dobija,

Volim ga iako je moj zivot kraj njega dozivotna robija.



Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 16..2010  23:44

Non sense


Ko moze videti zalegjene reke na pustinjskom suncu,

Otsjaj leda sto u slepilo vodi a toplinu stvara,

Oci pustinjaka vide sve lepote jer on dusu otvara.

Ko moze videti igru leptira na punom mjesecu,

Muziku koju samo oni cuti mogu uz nezan zamah sarenih krila,

Vuk samotnjak zavija iz daljine da bi noc tu samocu skrila.

Sta to vide oci nase, dubine duse je odraz u ogledalu,

Fatamorgana ukotvena u zeljama ljudskim da ugase svoju zed,

Rasirene ruke koje samo traziti znaju uvjek dobijaju praznocu i led.

I ja sam opet podala svoje ruke, da kroz njih protrljam zemlju crnu,

Od koje se svi boje i zaboravljaju da ona iz nistavila zivot stvara,

Uz blagoslov njen razgorece se novi plamen od pepela i zara.

Ne sudite covjeku sto je covek ostao, nije to greh,

Pogledaj u oci moje da ludilo moje vidis i radost koju ono nosi,

Kad opet podajem usne svoje i osetim vetar u svojoj kosi,

Shvatices zasto slavim zivot i klanjam se novoj nadi,

Uzimaj, pruzaj, voli, mrzi . Sto srce kaze to i radi.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 20..2010  01:02



Look at my smile stolen from hell itself burning down my lips,

The night is kissing the day goodbye in total eclipse,

Everything is going down in silenced peace,

My demons are ready waiting down on their release.

Whisperer unknown to others soundless yet so loud,

Ecstatic voice humble in his needs but vividly proud

My body is ready to surrender under the strike of lust,

You are and always will be my today, my future, my past

So what if I feel so powerless in your strong hands,

Obeying to all your breaths praying for more demands .

So what if Im reaching for the devil itself offering the hell in his palm,

The only one who can control the fire in my body, who can make me calm

I give up without a struggle almost without a fight,

Ready to follow your whispers covered with the black night.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 20..2010  22:57

Chosen one


Dark streets and filthy corners of my city of dreams,

Its been a while since the last time I have been here,

Sometimes I take a lonely walk without my puppeteer.

I can hear your laughter like echo crushing on the wall,

Im ready dressed up in my nakedness with my hear let down,

Waiting for the heavy velvet curtains, red as the blood to fall   

 Im your Chosen one filled with dignity and pride,

Raised by the wind, learned from the rain in glory of the night,

No one standing in front of me, no one by my side

You lift me up above the city of my dreams on the throne of life,

But you left the stairs like a monument of fallen tears

To prevent the raised head to forget about the stabbing knife

The Chosen one is my new name hanged on a golden pendent on your neck,

You gave up, I surrendered ...  My Dear theres no turning back.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: kejt-d-grejt
: 20..2010  23:08

' .

: kejt-d-grejt
: 20..2010  23:16

' .

: Blue Scarlet
: 21..2010  22:28



Will you dance with me on the pale moon light,

When you cant see my face hidden by the night

Use your hands for what your eyes cant see,

The touch of your fingers set my feelings free

Like a cold night breeze down on my neck,

Whisper of passion in every breath you take

Slightly opened lips for a soundless word to speak,

Or just waiting for the kiss that once made me so weak .

Body next to body and a thunder in between,

Pure lust and devotion like no one ever seen

What is it about you that make my blood go wild,

Sometimes Im a woman, sometimes Im a child

Midnight tango in a briar rose garden is not just a dream,

I was always wild, my own and a bit extreme

So the dance with the beast is on my own demand,

That is why I feel like the devils right hand

Accuse me for the sin I made without calling the name of love,

Not hiding my humanity with the fear from above

We are doomed for heaven and hell, the both

So I will enjoy the life and that is my only oath .



Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 26..2010  00:22




Here Im my dear in my red dress barefoot in the center of the room,

Wearing all the shiny stars in my hair and my favorite perfume

Screaming corners are calling me with thousands shadows to hide,

No! Im standing here waiting for him filled with passion, filled with pride .

Familiar touch and two hands around my waist reaching from the dark,

Wet kiss on the back of my neck and a smile for another bite mark ..

Tell me that Im beautiful from your lips, with your voice it sounds so true,

When I bend down my head, when I close my eyes I do that just for you

So when you are watching me from the door step while I peacefully wait,

You divide yourself from the other mortals, thats why you are so great

Is this another poem that praises the love, I dont give a damn,

To much has been given away and so little stays for the final exam

I keep on waiting in the center of my room like a sacred ritual every night,

Waiting for the wind, the rain . Waiting to do everything right .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 12..2010  11:09



What am I without my body only you know,

My soul with thousands fingerprints sort in a row

Each and every one is yours, covering down my scars,

I could see it through with your eyes, guided by the stars

You never tried to force me out I did that myself,

Got out of my sanctuary, left down my shell

I gave you my arms filled with emptiness like a gift,

The heavy burden is easier when there was you to lift

I gave you my dead heart, ripped from my stone chest,

To feel the coldest blood, to see the price of peace and rest .

Now I give you my two black eyes swallowed by the darkest night,

For you to carry them along to the path of the light

Footsteps like fingerprints glowing on the road ahead,

Left there to follow with my arms spread

I will fulfill the emptiness with two hands so familiar like my own,

I will recognize them in a million with the fingerprints so well known.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 16..2010  11:08

Beyond and above


My late nights, I give them to you my dear,

When everyone falls asleep, you are so near,

Do you know that I dont have other voices in my head?

You are the only thing that I carry with me in my bed.

Now dreams cover my soul in the labyrinth full of mist,

Like a game with so wanted prize and me waiting to be kissed

New gates for my runaway now unlocked with no chains,

And just one picture like memorial that always remains.

On the first bridge above the river of silence I stand,

With wide opened eyes and lips with quiet demand

Whispering a prayer well known just for me,

Im there because you want me to be.

I did remembered the cold black earth,

I carry the smell since the day of my birth.

Now I keep my eyes on the wide blue sky,

Living in the sand watch as the time passes by...

Waiting is nothing if you can see whats beyond and above,

Maybe its called fortune, maybe its called love.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 18..2010  00:21

The witch


They called her The Witch blind as they can be,

She was just a human for the one who can see.

She was wearing black clothes always walking in silence,

They didnt understood her peace so afraid of the violence

She danced barefoot on the rain with no fear or need to hide,

They called that a witchcraft forgetting what the rain can provide

She talked to the wind, like with old friend singing along,

They called that madness because they couldnt hear a thing and that was wrong

She was the natures child born bound with the earth cold and dark,

She was all alone because she didnt try to hide the mark.

For the others she couldnt care less like they dont exist,

She could see the sun yet they can see only the mist .

She carried alone her madness with no complains,

Searching for a soul mate on the path that remains

He is there waiting on the other side of the road,

There is a whole world that divide them waiting to explode

This world is covered with two colors black and white,

She was ruby red and that is just alright .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: kejt-d-grejt
: 19..2010  09:43

' .

: Blue Scarlet
: 25..2010  23:41

Second ring


Gracious dark sky with lightnings divided,

Rain drops on my window with no need to be guided

Path cleared right in to my soul through my heart,

With the breathe of the wind, always together never apart .

Like two rings on one hand, symbols of faith and devotion,

Is it just me, the blind believer or your point of notion?

Maybe I just miss you too much and a little bit more?

So I search for you in my dark hallways behind every closed door

So what if you are not next to me to keep me warm at night,

So what if you are so far away, out of my range, out of my sight?

You left a piece of yourself in every corner like a precious jewel,

Like tinted art on my body so beautiful yet so cruel.

So my dear, the days pass by with no touch or a kiss,

I have it all even if I dont - I score even if I miss.

You are the second ring on my hand youll have to remember it well,

With you by my side Im ready to see heaven through hell .  

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 30..2010  00:06



I know that smile you know, the one with just a corner of those lips of yours,

When you look through me like Im naked without my clothes

I know that look of your eyes, half closed with a sparkle that burns inside,

The devil himself cannot hide his tail even if he do his best and tried

I know and I learned how to breathe with your breath in my chest,

Im still me inside out even if I feel totally possessed

Yes, even now I can hear your laughter loud as the thunder for the sky,

Your arms are around me even if you are not nearby .

So ordinary you would say, for me and you nothing strange,

Everything is OURS not yours or mine and nothing will ever change .

You will hear my voice in the wind when he follows you on your path of dreams,

You will feel my hands on your face every time the rain begins.

Ordinary and yet so crazy for the believers in the natures rings,

I gave you the earth and you gave me the wings

Our ordinary is so precious like a black diamond hidden in the mud,

You are always here with me running through my blood

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 12..2010  13:50

Glass room


Steamy glass and rigid fingers drawing their path as one,

Breathing is hard, like slow choking with no pain, that just begun.

Clash of hot and cold in a war known long ago, familiar to me,

Im the same that you know, the one you left me to be.

The room of glass has nothing to hide, neither from the sun nor the moon,

And the same old radio is playing over and over again the same old tune.

Locked in time for days, months and years waiting to pass by,

Standing still on the ground and yet with the eyes raised so high.

The sign Fragile is blinking like old reminder that now make me laugh,

From what I was once had like whole, now I dont have a half.

Im not afraid any more for the strikes that can break down the glass,

I will just walk away through the pile of the broken pieces, just pass.

There is a fresh air waiting for me on the top of that mountain high,

Ill spread my arms wide running to embrace the sky.

Im what I was meant to be when the wind wrote my destiny in the sand,

Rewriting it every time when he passes through with his strong hand.   

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 31..2010  01:43



When I rise from the fallen leafs can you see me dressed in gold?

The reflection of warmth in your eyes thats me out in the cold

When you hear laughter that the north wind hides behind the naked trees,

The light smile on those lips of yours turns the wind in a warm breeze.

And the question mark on the hitchhikers girl pointed to you is silly,

How can she understand the meaning of the water for the water lily.

Crazy, unchained sentences coming from this so called poem of mine,

Just a celebration of the fallen ones with red apples and red wine

Many hitchhikers on the road in front of you my dear,

So many left behind and yet no one near

Shadow like a humble servant and a dark snake with poison kiss,

My companions for a lifetime with no wish to be dismiss.

Pieces of lost humans lives like heavy burden left behind,

Seekers for their lost home, hitchhikers blind

Your eyes are my legacy, a map to guide me home,

Now I know that Im not one of them, you are there Im not alone.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 04..2010  00:49

Snovi u boji


Ne ljubi me idiote, dok snevam raspustene kose,

Purpurne snove sto mi mir daju,

Ne budi me kad udahnem duboko,

Dobro poznaes miris koji moje noci nose.

Ne diraj opusteno telo moje,

Sto se belinom svojom bori protiv tame,

Ostavi ga uz topline koju pamti sa usana tvojih,

Niko te ne poznaje bolje od mene same.

Ne sapuci mi ponovo stihove

Pesme koju naizust znam,

Ja umem da snevam u boji, da budem uobrazena

I nije me sram.

Gledaj me dok spavam u miru,

Kako mi disanje grudi u ritmu krece,

Ono sto volim, ono sto zelim,

Nikada mi niko oduzeti nece.

Snovi moji su przima neka cudna,

Koja zrak svetlosti pretvara u dan,

Ja iste snove zivim i kad sam budna,

Jer moja buducnost nije samo san

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 12..2010  18:40



What an audience, sitting down speechless in the dark,

Theater of life on the streets of my city is living unreadable mark,

Dreaming about the prince fearing of the clown .

There is only one princess worthy of your crown.

Old black and white movies can bring you a story full of colors if you want to see,

A touch of your illusion and my dreams will summon tornados of passion,

With unwritten screenplay, words not bounded but free .

There on the center of the first act a kiss was written for the ones willing to feel,

My lips on yours like perfect match, fillings closed with a seal

Act two carry heavy burden with the name of lust written on my skin,

Your hands on my body, devils dance, godless sin .

Act three is a closure with calmness that brings peace,

But we are not grown to that yet when more demons are waiting for their release

My theater is on your stage building a life of its own,

This is new wonder of my life, never seen never known.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 17..2010  00:27

Plastic world


Im still the selfish one,

You know the one, who can make the moon my midnight sun .

Im still the careless one,

You know the one, who does not walk but always run .

Im still the unkind one,

You know the one, who says goodbye before you begun

Arrogant, noisy, dangerous who cares?

I can touch the sky because you build me my stairs

Dont turn around when you feel a wet kiss on the back of your neck,

There is a real life beyond my dreams just another realty check

And still I can see myself in your arms in pale moon light,

I will change the world through my eyes filled with night.

You might want to kiss me when Im not around,

You might want to hear my voice when you dont hear a sound

This is not a plastic world, with Lego bricks around me,

This is what Im waiting for the others to see .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Andjelina
: 28..2010  00:18





: Blue Scarlet
: 30..2010  07:50

Road to hell


I wish I can lend you my eyes but closed, shut tight

To let the darkness take over you, like the darkest night .

My lips are hot with breath of the hell burning inside

Loud scream of my body is what you hear when my hands are tied

I want to feel your teeth, through your kiss on my neck,

If I give all in, youll have to give all back .

Yes dear, all of this seems to dark, to rough,

You know whats in it for me, never to much never enough .

I can see myself walking on the water and its not a dream,

In your arms you release the titans of the passion in wild steam

When you put your arms on my white silky skin,

All roads to hell are wide open with a new journey waiting to begin

Are we still humans, just bodys in service of the lust,

Salt sweat, wet kisses and again desert full of dust

I cannot put out the fire you light up in me alone

I want just to make love to you in the center of the earth, on your throne

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 03..2010  00:09



Light steps on the side walk wet and clean,

Sad eyes and a smile on a face what does that mean?

Red umbrella in a grey afternoon is in it autumn great,

Fingers crossed and just one green light is that a fate?

Who is that girl who defy the rain with no fear,

Is she in love again crossing the final frontier?

Questions and question marks is that the shape of life?

Just sharp razors and sometimes even a knife .   

So tell me, can you drink the sorrow from my eyes,

Can I tell that you are brave to try or are you wise?

When one sun rises from the east and other from the west,

Can you offer more or tell me that Im blessed?

Wet footsteps on a rainy day what did you expect?

Fast rivers and steamy falls in my soul thats the affect

But dont worry my dear thats just me, the one you know

The one who can turn the gray sidewalks in white snow

And I rise my glass of red wine for more days like this,

When I will pass my soul to you through a long kiss   

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 05..2010  00:38

Sweet sorrow


And again the rain i shooting from the dark sky,

Like tears of my body, braking down and cry .

Shooting raindrops like holes in shiny shell,

Demons crawling out of me, released from hell ..

You can find and see that the face of sorrow is sweet,

So innocent and soft made for the big deceit

With lips so wanting to open up your hunger,

As you are getting old she becomes younger .

Shell catch your eyes in darkness so divine,

With the sound of guitar and a glass of wine

Seducer like no other lover you can compare to,

She makes her marks on your soul like beautiful tattoo .

So dont ask me why do I embrace her when she comes,

Or how I know when she is here when there are no fanfares, no drums .

I can call her sister or a mother  in a visit of her child,

She is the only one who can make me gentle or make me wild

With her I know that I still can feel and be alive,

Thats why my gates are wide opened waiting the arrive .

The play of the shadow game that she showed me long ago,

Is what I love the most, trough that play I passed the time and grow .

My sorrow is so sweet like the beads of autumns grape,

She made me, she gave me my shape

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 15..2010  21:13

House of mirrors


Silent whisper of words that should be screamed loud,

Bend down face in the corner of the room, ashamed when it should be proud

Dark room full of flashlights, they reveal so little of what I can give,

Attack if you want to defend the one thing that you cant forget and forgive

What can you offer when youre hiding your hands behind your back?

How can I hug you? How can I kiss you on the side of your neck?

I cannot find you when you wait for me on the other side of a closed door,

Waiting for a sign, waiting for me to beg for more and more

Living in a house of mirrors i give moments in every second away,

Each and every one is for the one who want to catch them and stay .

The reflections of my wish is in the mirror on the sealing,

From above you are looking and you know what Im feeling

On the left side of the wall hidden mirror of demands,

There I stand still for days with eyes full of lust and wide opened hands .

Right mirror is the biggest with colorful dreams as a wide screen,

You can have an all day long entertainment, in every corner different scene

Under my feet there is a mirror hidden with sand and dust .

The steps to the future can be strong and sure only if you have trust


Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: majstorce62
: 20..2010  17:11
Originally posted by Joshua_Tree Joshua_Tree :

"Forme"Trg'o bih jepovukao bi sebi ono mojeZazelio se poljubca kao pasonaj sa ulice tako svakidasnji i niciji...mozda bih se i nasmejaoMozda i bihda nije moja dusa kao od muzike stihMuzika nam slatkise uz tresnje darove dajemilovanja ocima,poljubci duse...zar bi iko ista drugo?Gde mi to osmeh odekada ga tako zelim i kunemUkrao bihsve ono moje u slici za sekund...da se malo i ja tako druzim,kao sviNije igrato sto od po neke u trenutku zelisToliko sunca u jedan dan ne bi ga mojim zvaobezrezervnog mene,zbog sebe...tamo ima vas i vase okezene faceU zelji za formepretvaramo sebe u dletoKleshemo sebi formuu nadi za savrseni pocetak...kao gubitak ponovni Jednom je samo dotaknessutra ce vec deo inventara biti...dosada i namestena licaRadujem se tebi sadneka si samo na cas,neka ti samo kozu na prstima dotaknem...bila si mojaHiljadu i trista kao nikakav broji bezbroj ljubavi kao spojDodiri i zene nekenece nikada biti ono sto ti zelis...da na ramenu mom zaspis...kazu da ce sutra snega biti

koga pocnav da objavuvam pesni na ovoj forum, dobiv povekje poraki so slednava sodrzina - zarem ne se plasis deka pesnite mozat da ti bidat ukradeni. Istoto go doziveav i na BLOGGER.BA. Isto odgovoriv - pesnite pak kje gi cuvstvuvam kako moi. Jas nma da ti go postavam toa prasanja bidejki isto kje mi ogovoris. Pozdrav, mi go ispolnuvas vremeto so ubavi migovi.   


: Blue Scarlet
: 22..2010  13:25

Muzika u uglu


Igraj cuje se sapat iz tame dok vatra pucketa u kaminu,

Nek ti tamna soba bude scena za jednocinku dugu,

I koga sad briga sto pokriv prokisnjava kad zelim ispuniti zelju tvoju,

U sarenoj sobi ne postoji mesto za sivu boju .  

Rasiri ruke ne pokusavaj da sakrijes zavoje uprljane krvlju,

Nije to drama koja uz suze nosi vecu slavu,

Vec vatromet u svakom koraku, u novom stihu, u kratkom uzdahu,

I tiha muzika u uglu kao vetar koji brise prasinu u mahu .

Zatvori oci nek ti tamna noc bude jasna kao suncan dan,

Uz senke koje vatra stvara nikad nisi sam,

I mesec napolju moze ljubomoru svoju skriti u oblaku tamnom,

Ne gledaj me u zelji vec vodi ljubav samnom

Zasto je haljina pala na podu? plava joj se boja razlila u tepih,

Ne, ne gazim je . Igram uz muziku iz ugla sobe,

I kad mi kapi iz plafona padaju na lice ne trudim se da ih obrisem,

Ponecu ih u jutro samnom kad se probudim a sva na tebe mirisem

I igracu uz muziku tu neumorno, kad mi zvoni u glavi,

A ti gledaj kako bose noge na prstima u vodi krecem,

Pomesaj moju belu i njegovu plavu u jedno,

Skitnica zna da zivi lepo i nikada se nece osecati bedno

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 25..2010  20:29



Patetika kome ona treba kad je samo sluga,

Parazit kome je potrebna tuga .

Ko jos guta slane suze i krije ih u grlu svom,

Lepo stoje, biser duse na licu mom.


Kuda luta sila moja, kad je moja dusa trazi,

Pesma kao vapaj kad otkriva svoje drazi .

I lepa je kao osmeh u kisnom danu,

Svaki njen stih otvara novu ranu .


Jos koja luzna kao mesecev cvet  . prelep,

Nemoze ih videti neko ko je pri ociju slep.

Cuvam ih u stakleniku od crnog stakla,

Da ih nova svetlost dana ne bude takla


Moje su , nedam ih nikom jer ih razumeti nece,

Ono sto druge zaustavlja, mene pokrece .

Ostace tamo zakljucane u tami

Plakacemo, pevacemo  samo kad ostanemo sami .


Nemoze svako podneti trnje koje nosim,

Dok ja polako koracam njime nogama bosim .

I ruka moja ostace i dalje prazna,

Ko zna- zna, neko nikad i ne sazna

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 03..2011  14:39

Table for two


Windy dark night with shivering candle light,

Winter garden opened under the heavy sky covered in white ..

Table for two on the place where winds cross their paths ..

Where the orchestra of feelings plays a symphony with exchange of breaths .

Vanity wide spread with curtain embroidered with stars,

Mixing the smell of strong perfumes and expensive cigars .   

Memory of colorful butterfly wings on the path walk,

Fulfilled journey to the other side of the table made of gray rock .

Like a cliff hanging in the space between .

The deep sea under and the sky above like a movie screen .

Table for two with place just for one,

So big and open with a tasty dinner that just begun .

Two glasses filled with the same red wine,

My place is yours and yours is still mine

Table for two and a lady in long black dress,

Selfishly beautiful in her pride, taking everything and nothing less .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 11..2011  18:13

Cuddling sorrow


Empty town build of foggy gray bricks in circle like a form,

My sorrow and I in my red room cuddling to keep me worm

Cut me down deeper my dear and beloved one .

Red blood in a red room like a fire in a forest that just begun ..

Warm blood in icy cold body, blue and stoned in ages of winters cold,

Gentle, my sorrow be quiet and do as you were told .

Dry lips with one drop of water with a taste of red wine,

Mirage of fulfilled needs and a satisfied smile ..

Treatment of bites with a kiss or two in between,

Breathing skin white, soft  so clear and clean .

My worst lover . My best friend

Your cuddling is the only thing that I demand .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 15..2011  23:37



Ne, ne bih da te opsujem,

Niti prokunem uz blagoslov

Lutalice zar svoje mesto neznas,

Pa mi upitnike ko na kvizu saljes?


Kud srljas kao da ti putokaz vec nisam dala,

Znas napamet da jedini put ide u dubinu.

I tamo gde vazduh vodu od neba razdvaja,

U daljini ih ipak onako nevidljiv spaja .


Pogledaj me jos jednom, dobro zatvorenih ociju,

Ne bi li sebe u mom telu zarobljenog video,

Pa uz glasan uzdah kroz tisinu gluvu

Pozeli dan slobode uz miris mora .


I koga sem mene, briga sto mi usne trnu,

U zudnji i zedji za poljupcem tvojim,

Uz buku glasnu kao da se rat vodi iz tela,

Koje sam bar jednom u potpunosti predati htela .


Pokidaj epolete i ordenje slavno,

Koje ti prolaznici kao heroju stavljaju na grudi,

Ne interesuje me sjaj zvezda i kamena od stakla,

Uzmi sve i nista nediraj da znam da sam ja tebe dotakla.


Hocu da vodim ljubav sklopljenih ociju po danu,

Da ti uz zagrljaj poljubim pulsirajuce mesto na vratu .

A kad ti ruke osetim na kozi i kad pocnes polako da gubis dah,

Pitacu jos jednom, iz inata .

Volis li Znas li . Trebas li . SADA .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 24..2011  15:26

 Polarni snovi


Mozaik snova na stotine kockica koje ja ne umem spojiti,

Pa mi jutro uvjek praznije od noci, bez upitnika i odgovara,

I neznam zasto se svako jutro budim ispucanih usana,

Koga sam ja to toliko ljubila nocas?  

Pa mi na usnama rane i bol  uz svaki dah koji ih lagano takne.

Vezanih ociju pokusavam da dolovim lik, koji mi pije snove iz izvora,

I ostavlja trag za sobom kao da zeli da bude nadjen, uhvacen .

Ej ludo . Tre*ace ti mnogo vise od suvih usana kad ti oziljak budu napravili

Tamo negde na vratu , na putu ka srcu kroz krv koja kljuca ..

Pa ces potraziti ruke moje hladne da rasteraju vatru, zazeleces se leda mog .

I kad te dodirnu na kozi vreloj kao severac koji ti kicmu ledi,

Pozeleces zimu u vecnom snegu i ledu kao nagradu koja ce vise kazna biti

I noci duge kao polarne bez sunca pa ces sebe prokletnikom zvati,

Sto mene ovako ukletu na putu svom nadje da prokletsvo moje delis na pola,

Ni mucenici nisu ono sto zele biti kad ih ocima mojim gledas,

Pa lako nestaju kao dim koji ostvlja samo smrad za sobom .

I ko te sad pita zelis li natrag, kada nema niceg tamo iza mene,

Plocice od leda kao ogledalo da sebe vidis kad njima koracas .

I posle zime ostaje zima kad te ja grlim rukama mojim

I nepustam provalnika iz lavirinta koji drugi zovu . Snovi .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 01..2011  00:38



Youve made it,

You can easily turn your back to the northern wind,

Now you dont care about the knife coming from behind.

Yes, youve made it,

You can feel the taste of wild strawberries in your mouth,

Only with some broken compass showing only south .

Oh, youve did it again,

You can still make love to me from afar with not a single touch,

A kiss more or less traveling through the night is never to much .

And again you can always make it,

Stories will be told with not a single word spoken,

The air, the wind, the water, the fire. Cannot be ever broken ..

Shapeless feelings cant be stopped with single Goodbye

I still can give everything and nothing, limit is the sky

Youve made it,

Cristal air in your lungs, like thousand needles in every breath .

Symphony of crossroad winds, divine music in your ears .

Raindrops of clear water on your lips, to drain the thirst

Pure fire in your body, welcome note to hell not the last not the first .

4 Youve made it all .  

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 02..2011  19:21

Selfish love


Bitter taste of love, if you want to call it with a name,

Famous wall full of heads in a shiny hall of fame .

One or two, more or less, the list is getting longer,

Weakening the weak but the strong are getting stronger ..

Selfish love like a meal served on a silver plate,

Human hart like a shape or symbol, tasty bait .

So why do we ask for more with eternal hunger?

The only thing that make the older feel more younger .

We breast feed each other with pure emotions coming from the deep,

Sometimes rarely in a shape of wolf, sometimes just a sheep

Where do you see yourself when your wishes overcome your mind,

Are you brave enough to face the darkness, seek and you will find .

You cant run away from your mirror hanged above your head,

Every time you raise your eyes you will see if you are not afraid .

Do you love me?

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 04..2011  02:12

Poljubac sa ukusom vina


Jos jedan gutalj vina, tebi u cast bez zdravice,

Bespotrebne reci koje guse uzdah meni potrebne nisu,

Samo ukus koji se uvlaci u ledene dubljine

Pa mi dah u miris vinograda pretvara

Neces cuti nikada reci Volim te tako nepotrebne, sitne , bedne

Oduzeti necu ono sto rasirenih ruku zelim dati .

Ej ludo . Ti sto ne poznajes vreme

Obracam se tebi kao zvezdi severnjaci u mracnoj zimskoj noci .

Gde ti to saljes ljubav .. ma nek ide ona dodjavola zajedno sa nama .

Uz putokaze kao krst koji nosim na grudima u obliku leptira

Pa mi noge bose igraju po plocnjaku na trgu maski,

Kupi Prodaj, Daj Oduzmi .. vreme nece krenuti dalje .

I stari sat jos uvjek otkucava ponoc i zvoni u glavi

Nudim ti violinu i pijano uz poljubac sa ukusom slatkog vina,

Da ti ponovo slepim usne u tisinu, bez i jedne reci .

Samo miris bele koze koji se uz vreo dah razleva po noci

Kao vino u usnama tvojim  .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 14..2011  23:53


Simply YOU .



The wind again has changed his course,

Ruthless, selfish showing all his force .  

 Me and my despite in the middle of desert,

With all the pain and hurt gathered together.

In battle again, against the sand, against the sun,

Feelings unleashed like wild mustangs in run.

Battle for You . Battle against You .. You is I .

Learn to walk and then run . Now fly  

Going south, pointed north who gives a damn .

The journey has begun.   

You behind me, like a shadow when I want to be alone,

You in front of me like a target well known ..

Youre my desert wind, crazy enough to stay on that path of mine,

Blue horizon to eternity, desert like a straight line .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: 15..2011  23:56



: Blue Scarlet
: 26..2011  00:49




Neces se ti udaviti u mojim ocima kad saznas njhovu dubinu,

More soli odavno pesuseno ima samo tamnu mrlju,

Znam, potsetca na najtamniju noc koja nosi strah,

Pa tera decu u majcino krilo ne bi li ljubav cista donela jutro i zrak .

Neces se ti izgubiti i nestati kad te progutaju,

Pa ti iskrama ceznje put belezim do srca,

I slep bio toplinom vodila bez njihove svetlosti

U ruke rasirene koje sam davno pruzila

I cekam

Cekam da mi dahom udahnes zivot na bezbozna usta,

Koje kunu,vredjaju, psuju  istim zarom kao sto vole,

Prose za kap vode umorne i zedne, grubost im mekocu skriva,

Okus limuna kiseo i gorak, znas da ga zele, znas da mole .

Zazelela se ja jutra, posle dugog sna,

Da te u uglu sobe ugledam budnog posle neprospavane noci,

Neobrijanog kako uz sanljiv pogled galis moje pospano telo,

Pa da se u potpunosti predam, da sve crno obojim u belo

I da, pozalices se Bogu na kolena koje klecaju pa ti korak sve manji,

Ruke nesmasne pa ti klize bez cilja,

Uste pohotne pa upijaju bez nasita

A gde sam ja?

Svoj na svojem .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: kejt-d-grejt
: 14..2011  19:58
Originally posted by Joshua_Tree Joshua_Tree :

"Zvezde alkohola"

Vokacijom pijanice zovu cini uzivanja
pijem svoje dane,pijem svoju srecu
Pesnik nisam da pakujem reci u omotu od simpatija
...ludi smrtnik,bolesnik
Lice polovno i razvaljeno
telo kao jaki urlik lista bez sunca
latice za trnje
...cvetova nema
Vodim ljubav sa sobom
srchem krv,kidam meso
Neuljudne ljude bacam u kosh
pozovi me da ti na vratu stavim brosh
...od purpura mekog,lepog na dodir
Beskonacni pir
Slava tebi Lukavi
cast dusi bez sunca
...divne gadosti

? ?

' .

: anakin
: 14..2011  20:17



, ,






SILATA NEKA E SO VAS a ako ne vi treba, neka, i taka ne e nekoj trosok, ja ima nasekade okolu nas.

: Blue Scarlet
: 21..2011  19:54

The unforgotten



Youre not living in the shadows of the wall hidden and unknown,

Even if the light is blindly strong I can see the handprint,

Recognized as my own ..


Youre not gone with the last trace of my tears killed with a smile,

Remember that the entrance is only a one way street,

You are still there in the corner of my eye


And again simple No as an answer to all of yours cloudy questions,

IF . BUT . MAYBE . And even more foggy suggestions


Im still the one you left behind to follow the new story line,

With a thousand blank pages left to write and just another pair,

Two hands familiar as they were mine..

You are still the unforgotten in that never ending story of mine,

Where I fall behind you keep on going,

Knowing that I will follow the road recognizing your sign .

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 22..2011  00:20



Who called you?

Who fallowed the smell of expensive perfume in the hallway?

No name, no address cash in advance for fair play

Dark hair, black eyes a touch of style to order, just to take,

Nothing to begin, hour or two lost time and nothing heavy to forsake .

I invited you in for a dinner of starving lips, with a cheap taste,

Your time is money and I dont want a minute to waste .

Golden watch on the wrist is ticking up your time,

Closed eyes for a dream and a closed door hiding a crime

Your role is on the bed in a screenplay written by my hand,

Dont you just love the sound of your voice saying On your demand?

Heat and sweat in luxurious hotel is in it a catch for the night,

Nice young body in despair and everything is just alright

You find your way in now its time for me to escort you out,

Keep your smile and dont say a word, live the room with no doubt

Escort service a love for sale just one phone call away,

They dont know you and you dont know who are they .

Easy come and more easily go,

A curtain down, thats when begins the real show.

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: bluebell
: 25..2011  23:05
..... .
J .
, , .
, , : , ......

always look on the bright side of the life!

: Blue Scarlet
: 30..2011  15:35

Aqua blue


Iskacena  na vrvot na horizontot,

kako da e visocina a ne ramna crta,

Obid i ocekuvanje kako zamena za nadez,

Sto li bese toa?

Dlaboko sino - crno so seta svoja lesnotija,

Istura kapki vo zamena za zivot,

Oslobodeno oslobodena, koj li da znae,

Dali tezinata sekogas zavrsuva vo pregratkite na zemjata?

Prima i vraca, ljubi za da obljubuva,

Aqua blue i dijamatot koj smelo ja krsi svetlinata

Samo mirisi na tela odmieni i cisti ,

Golotija na proleten dozd vo borba so kalta,

Necistotija pretvorena vo svetilina na kopnez

Te primiv

Te prifativ

Te imam

Ogledalo na dozdot ..... i Aqua blue ...

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 05..2011  18:55
" "

, ,
, ....
, ,
, ,
, ...
, , ,

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: bluebell
: 13..2011  23:35
Nekogas ne veruvav, no zivotot me nauci deka vremeto leci se, deka sto i da e ke pomine, deka ke dojde den koga custvata nema da postojat i ke bidat samo SPOMENI OD MINATOTO...

always look on the bright side of the life!

: Blue Scarlet
: 18..2011  20:19

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 24..2011  01:36





, ,


, ,


, ...

, ... ,














, ....

.... ....

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 24..2011  01:36


, ,









, ,



, ,

,, ,


, ...








Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: bluebell
: 25..2011  00:14




弝, .


always look on the bright side of the life!

: Blue Scarlet
: 26..2011  16:39















, ... ....

, ,

.... ....


..... ...

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 29..2011  16:26
, ,

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 29..2011  16:27
, ,
Σ ..

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: Blue Scarlet
: 30..2011  21:37


























.... ....

Lupus non mordet lupum.

Vulneratus non victus!

: bluebell
: 30..2011  22:26







, -


.... ....


always look on the bright side of the life!


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